Haunted Tragedy Doll

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Talking Doll Owned Mercy Nurse

  • Doll Horror Nurse’s laced/Mercy Old Style;
  • Repeats phrases terrifying with item worrying and the background of a box;
  • 3 modes: Silent, try me and sensor
  • Powered: Two AA batteries already supplied;
  • Dimensions: 37 x 34 cm approx

Product description

The Linney doll inspired from a mercy of other times inquieterà that anyone will arm.This Linney doll wearing the clothes of a mercy of other times: Apron, headset for hair and an under dress for all, and with a distinctly antique. The face and hands are made of plastic and finished in every detail: Face, scary makeup, cracks on the eyes, Cables and other details that increases the horror effect of the doll. Other special features is that schiacciandola Part A Background Of A Musical Doll from the Pace definitely not Allegro and pronunciation in English phrases including: “I am watching you followed by a risatina;” I you dropped and I are route: The What Has Made Me Angry; and more. Product Features: Creepy Horror Nurse’s vestita/Mercy Old Style; repeats phrases terrifying doll with voice and the background of a musical; Dimensions: approx. 37 x 34 cm; head and hands hard plastic sculpted studied in many details; Padded feet and in cloth; 3 modes available: Silent, try me and sensor; Powered AA Batteries: Two Already supplied; Velcro opening on the back of the dress for the toy and change the batteries.

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