The 70’s turned into the appearance of the punk rock scene and the 1980’s saw half the arena pass giddy for glam and of course the king of father michael jackson had simply exploded onto the scene as a solo artist. large hair, mullets, take care of bar mustasches, mohawks, green hair and lengthy free flowing hair have been the enduring forms of the day and at carnival store we have all of them from our choice of mullet wigs to our michael jackson wigs and extra. whichever style you make a decision to select, make sure you pick a dressing up to match. our choice of 70’s and 80’s costumes are never finishing. whether it’s something as iconic as our flashdance dress or a 70’s disco gown, we have it. want to feature an additional cool contact to anything you wear? browse our glasses and get equipped to rock ‘n roll!

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